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Microsoft Excel 2013 for the Business Analyst

Published by Cengage Learning in October 2013, paperback, 400 pages.

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As one of the most popular software tools in the world, Microsoft Excel is used by business analysts across the globe to keep track of details, look deeply into the data that drives business, and provide managers with the information and insights they need to keep their companies moving forward. MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013 FOR THE BUSINESS ANALYST is an introduction to Excel, written by a business analyst for business analysts. While providing a general overview of the features and functions of Excel, the book places special emphasis on helping users in the task of data analysis. The book begins with a conceptual overview and a discussion of Excel’s main components–cells, worksheets, tables, pivot tables, and pivot charts. That material provides an understanding of how Excel summarizes data and paves the way for a detailed exploration of the software’s formulas and functions. Written in an easy-to-grasp style, with plenty of helpful screenshots, MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013 FOR THE BUSINESS ANALYST is perfect for analysts who are new to Excel or experienced users who wish to learn more about Excel’s business-analysis capabilities.

Table of Contents

1. An Overview of Excel
2. The Excel User Interface
3. Getting External Data
4. Tables
5. Pivot Table Basics
6. Pivot Table Calculations
7. Charts and Pivot Charts
8. Data Commands
9. Formulas
10. Text Functions
11. Numeric and Date Functions
12. Aggregate and Statistical Functions
13. Logical and Lookup Functions
14. Analysis Tools

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